Family First Life FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: What's My Compensation Like at FFL?

Answer: At Family First Life we offer aggressive compensation. Our comp plan tops off at

145%, well above the industry average. We believe in the producers being able to net as much money possible off of their personal production. Raises in commission are given every two months based upon issued paid production

Question: What's The Deal With Leads?

Answer: We do not believe in cold calling to generate sales. We work with a number of different vendors to generate leads, but one thing they all have in common is the fact that they all define a “Lead” as a client that contacts us for help. You will only deal with people who are actively looking for life insurance

Lead programs at FFL:

  • Direct Mail Mortgage Protection leads
  • Direct Mail Final Expense leads
  • Exclusive Internet Life Insurance leads
  • Qualified Final Expense Telemarketing leads
  • Call in leads for both MP and FE
  • Facebook Leads / Social Media

Question: Is There Any Training?

Answer: Yes we offer many different training programs. We have daily conference calls,

monthly calls, seasonal events, and more.

Are you ready to take it to "The Next Level"?

If so join us every Friday at 11:00 AM EST for the sales training call

hosted by the President of FFL Shawn Meaike

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Is there room for growth at your company?

Does your company truly value you?

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Question: How Do I Make Money At Family First Life?

Answer: At FFL you have 3 Types of Income:

Direct Sales Commission

Direct Sale Commissions are derived from the policies that you personally sell. The average paycheck per policy is $675.

Agency Overrides

If you decide to start an Agency with FFL you would receive an override commission on any agent that you hire when they sell a policy. The override commission is equal to the difference of commission levels between you and your agents. The average override commission is 15% of the Annual Premium.

Renewal Commissions

Renewal Commissions are paid Annually on certain types of policies when the contract renews at the end of the year. The average renewal commission is 5% of the Annual Premium. At Family First Life your renewals are vested from the day you start. We don't believe in keeping your money, if you leave

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Why is vested renewal income so important?

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